KEA Showcase Event 2019 WALKOTSAV

Keralite Engineers Association (KEA) has been contemplating to organise an event for the KEF Community which can espouse social causes of contemporary relevance and at the same time can be held as an Alumni competition event. We are launching a walkathon event titled WALKOTSAV 2019, the theme of which is Climate Change. We have been witnessing perilous effects of Climate Change, the latest manifestation of which being the devastating floods in Kerala.

In WALKOTSAV 2019, we endeavour to create an awareness about the imminent Climate Change, instill a sense of urgency about the need to address it and motivate ourselves individually and collectively to confront the same. We as a community should be able to intervene positively to reverse the effects of Climate Change, reduce our carbon footprint and strive to handover a cooler and cleaner planet to our gen-next..

WALKOTSAV 2019, open to all members of the KEF and their families, will be held on 5th April 2019 at Boulevard, Salmiya from 7.00 AM onwards. We have planned various events, competition as well as non-competition items, as part of it. Winners and participants, all get rewarded and earn points for their Alumni to become Champions of the WALKOTSAV 2019.

We request all KEF members to register and participate. The registration links along with the rules and regulations shall be forwarded to you by the coordinators of the respective Alumni on your email and WhatsApp groups.

Let us join together to make this planet a better one.

To Register go to the link


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