Aims & Objectives

Unity in Diversity.
Different colleges, cultures, universities and knowledge. We are backed by 25 years of bonding.


Aims and objectives of KEA is to facilitate exchange of information / opinions / ideas amongst Members attached to and associated with the Association, in compliance with the byelaws and laws of the state of Kuwait, limited to the stated objectives, and for that purpose:

  1. Promote co-operation and interaction amongst the Members within the Association.
  2. Provide a platform for the Members to meet and exchange their views on technical / professional / cultural matters.
  3. Provide a forum for the Members and their families to exhibit cultural and artistic talents.
  4. To promote interaction and friendship among Members and their families residing in Kuwait.
  5. To provide assistance to other Members in matters of employment, career development and personal or family matters as and when required
  6. To promote technical and professional skills among Members.
  7. To establish a fraternity amongst the Members, promote and encourage healthy traditions and organize social and cultural activities primarily for the Members as well as for the Members of Kuwait Engineers Forum.
  8. As a responsible body of Engineers from India, KEA recognises its social and humanitarian commitments to India and may contribute and / or participate in such causes as per the discretion of the Executive Committee.
  9. The Association shall be non-sectarian, non-political and secular.
  10. There shall be no auxiliary bodies created or organized within the Association.
  11. The Association out of its own choice and free chooses to remain a part of KEF until decided upon otherwise by the Executive Committee and the General Body
  12. Any decisions taken either unanimously or by majority by the Association in any matter relating to the Association shall be final, conclusive and binding on the Association.

KEA Overview

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Active Members : 547

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Since : 1997

Indian Embassy Ref No : 156/KWI

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Current Term : 2019-2020

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